sprocket top
The cigar supports (2) are on magnetic bases so they can be re-positioned as you wish.
The ashtray in the center of the sprocket is a wonderfully ugly martini glass that I sand-blasted with fine garnet, which was a by-product of industrial water-jet cutting of metals (a really cool find!)
29.75" h, 19" w, 19" d


Stainless steel, Steel, glass, brass, copper

Table surface is a #80 roller-chain sprocket, 19" in diameter.
Leg hub is a monster-killer heavy-duty stainless steel filter housing (hydraulic?)
Legs are #80 single-width roller chain.
Feet are drive sprockets from an industrial chainsaw (scary big!)
Center column is drive screw from plastic-injection molding machine.
Table top supports are sumpin' from somewhere (rather specific, eh?) 
It weighs about a million, pounds, though I may be rounding up a bit

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