vacmatic reading stand
Being a promiscuous, untethered, inveterate, and unceasing reader, I needed a stand to hold my mission-critical items as I went forth into Literature Land. The VacMatic Reading Stand resulted and it now lives a happy life in my living room, serving its creator daily.

The stainless dishes are for pens, pencils, mints, fingernail clippers, coffee-cups, post-its, fingernail clippings (yuck!), phone, wads of tissue (uh, clean, of course!), and for balancing stacks of books.
39" h, 16" w, 28" d


Steel, plastic, wood, stainless steel, springs

One of the rollers actually came out of an old Kirby vacuum cleaner.
The other roller is from a trailer for hauling a small fishing boat.
Upright is from the same old Kirby (see the cool switch?)
The blue and clear plastic roundy thing is from a compressed air system.

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